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Hideo Baba clarifies rumors about Tales of Symphonia HD

Yesterday we had the great honor to sit down with Hideo Baba for an interview in Munich. The producer of the Tales of series was cheerful, very friendly and provided us with some great answers. We are busily transcribing the whole interview as you read these lines, check back over the weekend for the full article!

Until then we have a little teaser for you. Of course we also have asked Baba-san about the rumors on Tales of Symphonia HD (Perfect Edition). His response was a bit more detailed. Have a look…

JPGAMES.DE: Tales of Symphonia was the first-ever Tales of game to be released in Europe. That’s why it still has a lot of fans among Europeans. Now, there have been some rumors lately, even on Japanese sites like Hachima, that there might be a HD remake of Symphonia and Ratatosk no Kishi in the works. Is there anything you can tell us about this?

Hideo Baba: To be quite frank… I was at Expomanga in Spain last week and everyone was enjoying the event, and then I heard from fans „I heard rumors about a Tales of Symphonia Perfect Edition. Is that true?“. Actually, I was the one surprised by that! (laughs) That fan then said that it’s the 10th anniversary of Tales of Symphonia in Japan this year, and I just said that there might be something coming, as a celebration. But it will be more like a „Tales of Café“ or an event at NamcoCon… but we actually have no plans yet, there are only ideas. We can’t really say anything before announcements are made and it’s always a bit surprising when people ask us about rumors like that. It would be best to just wait for new information [about Tales of Symphonia’s 10th anniversary]. Before we announce something, a rumor is just a rumor after all (laughs).

Well then, let us wait for the announcement!